6 Tips To Add Real Victorian Style To Your Home

Our wide range of Victorian tiles are perfect for returning a Victorian bathroom , kitchen, hallway or entrance back to its ornate glory. For more modern homes, our selection can add a beautiful vintage touch and authentic period charm. Choose from the simple elegance of Victorian colour palette glazed tiles to intricate and complex designs featuring the vibrant colours the style of the era is renowned for. Our classically styled geometric floor tiles and borders deliver traditional hallway elegance with designs carefully recreated from original Victorian designs. Hardwearing and long lasting with enduring aesthetic appeal, our selection of iconic chequerboard designs and more complex geometric mosaic patterns will enhance any hallway or entrance and enrich it with a quintessentially Victorian style. Our stunning encaustic tiles offer an authentic period charm with deep and rich tones. The arresting patterns are derived from different colours within the clay. These wonderfully decorative floor tiles are available in a range of colour co-ordinations and designs. Our Wall Tile range can put the finishing touches to period style homes as well as add a wonderful vintage touch to any style of kitchen or bathroom.

History of Tiles

Hand assembled period style floor tiles in geometric patterns manufactured in Armagh by our expert artisan team to faithfully recreate a Victorian aesthetic. Warm beige tiles in a classic Victorian style pattern are perfect for creating a traditional period look with welcoming tones and colours. Complemented by matching modular borders and attractive decorative inserts our Donard Beige tiles are certain to deliver the period charm you are after.

Donard Beige Panel – Gosford Red Modular Border

With these geometric floor tiles dating back to the ‘s, it’s fair to say that the Victorians knew a thing or two about enduring style, as this trend.

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Tile Victorian Stock Photos

A good number of the new tiles bear the original artists’ signatures and 19th century dates. This article will examine the patterns reproduced and the differences between old and new tiles based on decoration, dimensions and how the backs are finished. Ceramic tiles are a Victorian example of combining art with mass production.

This idea–that common everyday objects should be of good design–was lead by William Morris of England and others who rejected the drab, poorly designed products of the Industrial Revolution. Tile manufacturers used many of Morris’ ideas in the second half of the 19th century to produce practical, attractive products to meet the demands of the rapidly growing middle class consumer.

Sep 22, – Victorian sanitary wallpaper with mosaic design dating – in #sanitarywallpaper #wallpaperborder #antiquewallpaper #​victoriantiles.

Interior fans know that tiles are a stylish way to breathe life into your home, with a host of different shapes, colours, prints and patterns to choose from. See more: Wallpaper trends — the key looks to update your walls. Going into next year, tile trends will see new takes on these traditional classics, as well as forward-thinking ways to style them.

Known for its vibrant colours, intricate designs and mixture of textures, Moroccan style has become one of the most significant trends of the year, as shown by the worldwide success of North African handicraft products — such as Berber rugs, raffia baskets, metal lanterns and decorative Moroccan tiles. Add some extra colour and create a unique appearance, full of patterns and life, by using ceramic hydraulic tiles, which are long-lasting and extremely easy to install and keep clean.

They are also suitable for most walls and floors. Every year, Original Style works closely with leading designers and interior experts to assess what colours, styles and schemes will embrace the interior scene in the upcoming year. Take something old and add a modern twist — this is what New Heritage is all about. Hand drawn, hand-painted and glazed. Rich in colour and glossy in texture, the traditional Turkish delicate figurative design creates the feel of a luxurious exotic retreat.

Tile trends 2020 – from Art Deco to Moroccan, these are the surfaces you need to see

Mintons was a major company in Staffordshire pottery , “Europe’s leading ceramic factory during the Victorian era”, [1] an independent business from to It was a leader in ceramic design, working in a number of different ceramic bodies, decorative techniques, and “a glorious pot-pourri of styles – Rococo shapes with Oriental motifs, Classical shapes with Medieval designs and Art Nouveau borders were among the many wonderful concoctions”. The family continued to control the business until the midth century.

Mintons had the usual Staffordshire variety of company and trading names over the years, and the products of all periods are generally referred to as either “Minton”, as in “Minton china”, or “Mintons”, the mark used on many.

The property dates to and at one time was part of the nearby Arley Hall Estate which has been Restoring Life to Victorian Hallway Tiles in Warrington.

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Victorian mosaic floor tile designs are composed of various small geometric shapes to create repeating and tessellating patterns. We assemble the tiles by hand attaching a clear adhesive tape to the the surface enabling multiple tiles to be installed in one application. More details can be found on the Sheeted Tiles page. A clear adhesive film is applied to the surface of the tiles holding them in place.

Compared with other methods such as an underside mesh, our system has the following advantages: 1. Protects the tiles and grout lines from contamination 2. Allows the fitter to fully view the design 4. Tape is easily removed without water 5.


Tiles have been used for centuries as decorative touches both inside and outside of buildings of all types, including homes, businesses, places of worship and more. Handmade and hand-painted ceramic tiles have been used since ancient times all around the world. Clay, a natural substance, was easy to find and process into decorative tiles. The resulting tiles were durable and attractive—the same qualities that draw us to ceramic tiles in modern times.

The earliest use of decorative tiles was found in Egypt, dating from about BC.

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Earlier this year were contacted by the The Vintage Floor company who have supplied me with reclaimed tiles in the past to see if we could help one of their customers restore a Victorian floor at Aston Park House in Great Budworth. A section of flooring in the mansion house had been ripped out by a property developer along with most of the other features in the building.

The property dates to and at one time was part of the nearby Arley Hall Estate which has been used for many film locations including Peaky Blinders and War of the Worlds. English Heritage were now keeping a close eye on the renovation work, so needless to say the standard had to be high. On the first day of work a person from English Heritage met me with old plans of the floor and how it was to be restored. Fortunately, half the floor was still there so that section just needed a good clean and seal, but there was a twelve-foot section of the floor missing which needed to be replaced to English Heritage standards.

English Heritage had arranged to have a new sub-base installed so I was able to get straight onto tiling the floor. I used a modern flexible adhesive to lay the tiles which alone took two weeks as there were 2, tiles of different sizes. Keeping the tiles butted up to each other level and smooth and following the correct pattern is meticulous work. Once the new tiles were laid it was left for three days to set before I returned to grout the floor.

With part one of the project done English Heritage returned to check my work which was a nerve-racking experience. English Heritage has specified that the floor needed to be levelled so to ensure the tiles were completely flat I applied a system that Tile Doctor use called Milling. This involves the application of a coarse grit DRB pad to take out any lippage and flatten the tiles.

The go-to guide for Victorian Floor Tiles

Our geometric floor tiles are manufactured, using classic techniques and specially formulated recipes. This results in hardwearing tiles that are suitable for inside and outdoor use. Our range of Encaustic and Geometric layouts are based on historic English Victorian designs, in some cases dating back almost years. The additional contemporary elements in our color palette give a fresh feel to these classic layouts.

Check out this classic combination of octagons and diamonds dating back even further than the Victorian era, these tiles offer an ever popular.

For many years Victorian floor tiles were found mainly in castles, palaces, churches and pubs but from around , many British homes began being built with tiled front paths, porches and hallways. Favoured for their durability and hard-wearing properties, as well as beauty and charm, Victorian floor tiles have been growing in popularity ever since, especially for homeowners today who are renovating period properties but wanting to stay true to their original features such as geometric tiled floors.

Although often found in hallways and pathways, Victorian floor tiles are also brilliant for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. There durability makes them a great choice for high traffic areas and means they can withstand the tread of everyday life — whilst still looking fantastic! When compared mesh-mounted i. While Victorian floor tiles are often associated with grandeur and large rooms, they also look fantastic in smaller areas, especially for adding a touch of luxury and style. These spaces typically include fireplace hearths and small porches.

Our Victorian floor tiles are made of clay and powdered glazes, then fired in a kiln, giving them a matt finish in many colour options. As individual pieces create the patterns and borders, there are a wealth of design options to choose from, or you could even create your own bespoke pattern, the opportunities really are endless!

Starting with the simple checkerboard, in either classic black and white, buff and red or even contemporary greys. These patterns are known to us as Cambridge a square checkerboard and Oxford a checkerboard where the square is on its point to create a diamond effect. The same patterns can also be created using smaller square tiles, known as the Wellington and Dorchester patterns.

Victorian floor tiles – Sheeted