Destiny to Expand Voice Chat, Curb Iron Banner Quitters

A feature that Destiny players have been clamoring for since launch will be implemented by Bungie next week in an update that will expand the game’s voice chat support. Since Destiny ‘s release, the only way to talk over voice chat was through “Fireteam” chat. This chat was only available to Guardians in a pre-formed party, and only allowed players to connect with others on their PSN or Xbox Live friends lists. Bungie had said in the run-up to the game that the developer wanted to avoid the toxic environment that can sometimes occur when random people talk to each other in-game. The inability to talk with others met through the game’s matchmaking system during group activities like Strikes frustrated a lot of players. Bungie is addressing this concern as part of Destiny Update 1.

Team Fortress 2

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But on Monday, developer Bungie will roll out Destiny update patch , which allows players to enable matchmaking voice chat. This feature.

Jump to navigation. Of course, standing between the players and their final goal are hordes of freakish monsters called Sleepers that can overrun and slaughter an unprepared expedition group in seconds, making stealth the preferred tactic of choice and firearms more of a last resort. GTFO is a game that was designed, tested, and tuned for a full group of four players working in harmony using both text and voice chat.

Right from the start all players have access to a sizeable inventory of different primary weapons, secondary weapons, melee weapons, and tools. The primary and secondary weapons consist of recognizable firearm archetypes like assault rifles, shotguns, and pistols, but the different tools that are available allow each member of a four-player team to differentiate themselves somewhat. Each tool has a unique function that can help players if and when the Sleepers detect them.

Since stealth is important, players will spend most of their time in a GTFO match skulking around and dispatching unaware Sleepers with their melee weapons. If and when the Sleepers start swarming, though, how well the team can coordinate their use of firearms and tool deployments will determine whether or not they survive. The amount of puzzle solving GTFO expects players to participate in can also be jarring for more traditional shooter fans.

Yes, decent combat skills are necessary, but so is a keen mind and an ability to think clearly under pressure. In place of a proper matchmaking system, GTFO instead relies on partial Discord integration to facilitate the forming of in-game groups and mission lobbies. View the discussion thread.

Destiny matchmaking voice chat beta hits next week, Iron Banner back soon

In the first Destiny, the activities with the most enticing rewards required the most legwork to initiate. Because Nightfall Strikes and raids lacked any sort of matchmaking, dedicated players had to gather teammates through outside means such as Reddit or DestinyLFG if they wanted to take part in them. The logic behind the omission of matchmaking was that Nightfalls and raids were simply too difficult for any three or six random schlubs to finish one without everyone coordinating and communicating through voice chat.

Still, for as long Destiny has been around, players have wanted matchmaking for Nightfalls and raids so they can avoid perusing a website for an hour or two in order to find a group to play with.

Hi, I’m a Destiny 2 player on PC since launch. DESTINY 2 VOICE CHAT while playing quickplay/competitive mode or any other mode with matchmaking.

Destiny 2 has had a rough time of late, what with players discovering that late-game grinding may very well be a gigantic waste of time , and the general hostility to microtransactions going around these days. Me, though? I love that about it. I never played the first Destiny, so jumping in this year on PC I was struck by how the game looks like a series of sci-fi paperback novel covers, as if some s editions of Isaac Asimov or Robert Heinlein had been brought to life. Exploring the gorgeous environments of Io and Nessus as a solitary, somber, and silent experience feels right to me.

You can join a clan, run a few patrols with someone, and then add them to your friends list. One of you can initiate voice communication, and if the other player consents you can start chatting away.

Noob Question… How to voice chat

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“Avengers” is a descendant of what Bungie’s “Destiny” popularized in As the world changes, so will the voice of the hero. design decisions that we’ve made is allowing matchmaking on every type of encounter in the.

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Matchmaking in the loop for bungie. Clan, and take on shopsamtuoi.

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Title sums it up, I’d like to get into Destiny 2 didn’t touch 1 but it seems like a lot of the fun is in running the strikes, etc. Is there still enjoyment in randomly joining groups with voice chat turned off? Do people generally get on with the combat roles they’re supposed to perform? You can enjoy it solo, but it won’t be the same game people have fallen in love with to the point of playing thousands of hours if you play without a group.

The latest Destiny news. They’ve talked about the opt-in voice chat internally. It is noted that people want ranked based matchmaking.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The most notable feature in today’s patch is the addition of an opt-in voice channel for team chat during matchmade strikes and Crucible rounds.

Bungie also doubled the number of bounty slots from five to 10 with the update, and gave players the ability to preview emblems and armor shaders. In addition, the update changes the nature of Destiny ‘s Iron Banner: Fireteam leaders must now be at least at level 20, and players will need to be within three levels of opponents to be competitive. In addition, players below level 20 will need to accompany a Fireteam leader in order to enter. Other tweaks in the 1. For more details, check out Bungie’s full patch notes.

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InTheZoneACd ago. There’s always been voice chat, you just need to join it or set to auto join. But on consoles most are in their own party.

They’ve indeed heard the feedback concerning [moving from console to PC] of Veteran rewards – forwarded to the appropriate team to look at. Cozmo also made the request to the team. They know that this is something the community wants. Reddit 2. They know this is a highly requested feature from the community, but don’t have anything to announce. Kevin Y, Twitter. It’s a bit brute force, but keeping public voice chat off by default in Destiny I think was one of our most important decisions: draws in some players who wouldn’t play otherwise, and pushes people toward forming their own social groups they can trust to play with.

It doesn’t solve the problem at the root, but I do believe it has had a very strong positive impact on how our players experience the game and how our community formed as a result. Andrew W, Twitter. They now have the ability to restrict access to weapons or items that cause problems in-game New functionality since the Prometheus Lens incident. Twitter This is new tech they built based on previous issues like the Silly Walk incident.

On porting over models. A lot more here.

The Joy of not talking to other people in Destiny 2

Community Manager David Dague revealed the news after the game went offline for several hours for maintenance. In a blogpost, Dague announced the full list of chat options that would be available to fans, including opt-in voice channels with team chat. He wrote on the offcial Bungie website: “To protect the immersive experience of exploring the wild, our philosophies for in-game chat still rely heavily on the notion of consent.

This will include the players you meet via Matchmaking, as well as members of your Fireteam who make the same selection. Team Chat is signified by the megaphone icon. Destiny was envisioned as a game that will bring players together for surprise encounters.

Players of Destiny have been asking to speak to the players they meet through Matchmaking. Even if your teammates have not been able to.

Sameo shares View profile View Blog. Gaming Magazine Authors. Destiny is getting a much-requested feature early next week, while the revamped Iron Banner event will be back very soon. According to a detailed update on the new feature on Bungie. Additionally, you can switch back and forth between fireteam chat and public chat at will when you need to share secrets. The new version of the Iron Banner is different from the old in several ways: Power.

Claim victory to gain reputation. Lord Saladin now has five ranks to obtain through victory Your previous Iron Banner rank has been preserved The Tempered buff is a twelve-hour boost in reputation gains Activate Tempered later during the event to catch up faster Acquire exclusive Iron Banner rewards.

Increase your Rank to unlock better gear Reforge weapons to reset progression with new perks Earn gauntlets and boots to move you closer to Level 30 Quitters never win.

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