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North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference

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The date for this first event will be Friday 27th of April , which will coincide During the seminar, researches on traffic injury in China will also be presented. () sous le haut patronage de Monsieur le Ministre des Transports.

HCFCs are compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine. Industry and the scientific community view certain chemicals within this class of compounds as acceptable temporary alternatives to chlorofluorocarbons. The HCFCs have shorter atmospheric lifetimes than CFCs and deliver less reactive chlorine to the stratosphere where the “ozone layer” is found.

Consequently, it is expected that these chemicals will contribute much less to stratospheric ozone depletion than CFCs. Because they still contain chlorine and have the potential to destroy stratospheric ozone, they are viewed only as temporary replacements for the CFCs. Current international legislation has mandated production caps for HCFCs; production is prohibited after in developed countries and in developing countries.

Hydrogen, when attached to carbon in organic compounds such as these, is attacked by the hydroxyl radical in the lower part of the atmosphere known as the troposphere. CFCs, because they contain no hydrogen, and, therefore, no carbon-hydrogen bonds, are not destroyed by the hydroxyl radical. When HCFCs are oxidized in the troposphere, the chlorine released typically combines with other chemicals to form compounds that dissolve in water and ice and are removed from the atmosphere by precipitation.

When HCFCs become destroyed in this way their chlorine does not reach the stratosphere and contribute to ozone destruction. A certain portion of HCFC molecules released to the atmosphere will reach the stratosphere and be destroyed there by photolysis light-initiated decomposition. The chlorine released in the stratosphere can then participate in ozone depleting reactions as does chlorine liberated from the photolysis of CFCs.

Regular, careful measurements of air from remote locations show that global concentrations of HCFCs have increased rapidly over time.

Operations Research Proceedings 2004

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Search item. Safety data sheets are especially relevant to users of chemicals because they ultimately provide information on the identity of the corresponding product. Find out how to compile such a document here. Compiling a safety data sheet can be a challenge for any company. The use of software products can provide business owners with support — but the distributor is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the information. The web links on the topic of “safety data sheets” here can help you with your compilation of safety data sheets and offer you information on the work of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health BAuA.

The distributor of a product is responsible for ensuring that the safety data sheet is factually correct and filled out in full. It is also important for this document to be adapted regularly to the current state of knowledge. This is the case if new information has an impact on risk management measures, new information on risks becomes available, or approvals and restrictions have taken place. The basic requirements surrounding the compilation of safety data sheets are set out in Article 31 requirements of safety data sheets in connection with Annex II guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets of the REACH Regulation EC no.

From 1st December it has been necessary for safety data sheets to fulfil the changed requirements of Regulation EU no. By way of derogation, safety data sheets not complying with the Annex to the Regulation EU no. According to Article 31, paragraph 9 of Directive EC no.

North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference

Background The Montreal Protocol has scheduled the phasing out of controlled substances, including chemicals containing chlorine and bromine used as refrigerants, solvents, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, fire suppressants, and for other purposes. Ozone Layer Protection Ordinance Cap. Ozone Layer Protection Controlled Refrigerants Regulation requires the conservation of controlled refrigerants used in large scale installations and motor vehicles.

In addition to having suitable thermodynamic properties, the ideal refrigerant would be nontoxic, non-inflammable, completely stable, environmentally benign, readily available, self-lubricating, compatible with materials used in equipment, easy to handle and detect. The U.

The European Community in Later Prehistory: studies in honour of C F C Celtic Art in Ancient Europe, London, New York: Seminar Press Google Scholar in Social Archaeology: beyond subsistence and dating (ed C Redman), 37–59, New.

She reminded all that your entire social media profile and world can be viewed by your employer or potential employer and that we need to be sure that we are creating and maintaining the brand that we want. Dadoenokov reminded the audience that personal brand and profile needs to be carefully created and even more carefully maintained.

He said that the best of us are conscious of what story we tell and make sure that our social media profiles show an accurate and consistent story. That story needs to be carefully constructed and then tweaked to make sure that it continues to be what we want it to be. Write your story! In addition to practical tips on how to create a clean, clear and useful profile she showed some good examples. As a business person or just an employee? She shared statistics that showed that Facebook is an international phenomenon that has reach in both personal and business life.

FB and other social media cannot be simply a pamphlet but a hand reaching out to engage all manners of potential partners. RBS and AmCham thank the speakers, moderator and audience for combining to create a memorable event with lots to talk over face-to-face and on social media.

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Due to an increasing demand for potable water and land use intensification, groundwater resources became subject to overuse and contamination. In order to manage and protect groundwater resources it is important to understand groundwater systems and processes within them, such as complex and diverse mixing and flow processes, recharge and recharge rates.

The determination of groundwater age, i. One way to study groundwater age is to determine the aqueous concentration of tracer substances, such as tritium, sulfur hexafluoride SF6 or certain chlorofluorocarbons CFC, , , which have known atmospheric input functions to the groundwater system.

Art 7 and 8 of the ATAD, introducing new CFC rules. In general, Preparations for the 1 January effective date of the Protocol to the build a partnership with taxpayers, and public seminars to educate taxpayers.

This group meets weekly and offers healing and support through practical, biblical instruction. Dates: May 7 – Aug. Not being offered this session due to covid restrictions. Teens Dealing with Divorce is an interactive companion program to Divorce Care designed for teenagers impacted by separation and divorce. DivorceCare Testimonies. DivorceCare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.

Each session has two distinct elements:. A Seminar with Experts. During the first 30—40 minutes of the meeting, each DivorceCare group watches a video seminar featuring top experts on divorce and recovery subjects. These videos are produced in an interesting-to-watch television magazine format featuring expert interviews, real-life case studies and on-location video. A Support Group with Focus. Attending a DivorceCare group: what to expect.

Most people quickly feel comfortable and accepted in their DivorceCare group. They discover that there are others who have the same kind of feelings they do—and who understand the hurt and pain they are going through.

Seminars in Wake Forest

Forestry Takes the Fork in the Road. Which Fork Will You Take? The I nternational Seminar on Protected Area Management is an integrated, state-of-the art course that examines strategies to conserve the world’s most special places.

Seminar for Regional Technical Centre (RTC) of East and Southern Africa under the. CFC/ICAC/33 Project was held on the 18 April, at Kilimanjaro Hotel processes and tasked the RTC to keep on up-dating them on the contemporary.

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In addition to the events that took place in Geneva, hundreds of national and local activities around the World marked the Global Road Safety Week and served as starting points for additional road safety initiatives in countries. These included high-level policy discussions on road safety, launches of new road safety strategies or plans of action, the adoption of new legislation related to road safety, ceremonies dedicated to victims of road traffic injuries, or a host of high-profile advocacy events, including some involving national and local media.

For a closer look at what took place in various countries, you can read our Newsletters or Media Clippings, or choose from the links below. National focal persons served as overall coordinators for the events being prepared to mark the Week at national level. In some countries national focal persons created a multisectoral National Organizing Committee to facilitate preparations.

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International research into chlorofluorocarbon CFC alternatives. Selected researchers from 21 countries were queried through questionnaires about their current and planned research activities. The results of the survey show that the majority of research being conducted by the respondents is devoted to investigating the hydrogenated fluorocarbon HFCa as a replacement for CFC in refrigeration applications. The main issue with this alternative is identifying compatible lubricants that do not reduce its effectiveness.

The search for CFC alternatives is over? Navy Center of Excellence tasked to do research in electronics manufacturing. For the past seven years, the EMPF has performed extensive research in various cleaning materials and processes that have recently been made available to printed circuit board assemblers. This paper outlines our research and points out the positive and negative aspects that need to be considered when choosing an alternative process.

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These seminars are designed to be used in your local group or church setting. The person giving the seminar should familiarize themselves with the teaching notes and personalize the session if desired. You may download the lessons and reproducible outlines to give to your group. Be sure to personalize the notes with your own business small group or church name and date it for the occasion. Take some time in becoming familiar with the lesson and add some personal touches, perhaps some of your own illustrations.

CFC is also here to give free marriage counseling and Free Marriage Help. with your own business small group or church name and date it for the occasion.

The Couples for Christ CFC is an international Catholic lay ecclesial movement [1] whose goal is to renew and strengthen Christian values. It is led by an International Council, which operates in the Philippines under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and acquired direct rapports with the Vatican City. The community consists of family ministries, social arms, and pro-life ministries.

Its target groups were primarily married couples, inviting prospective couples to a private home for a series of weekly gospel discussions. CFC is present in dioceses across all 81 Philippine provinces and countries. It sent participants to the Extraordinary Synod on the Family , an event organized by Pope Francis in Any validly married Catholic couple can become members of CFC. People wanting to become members of CFC will go through a weekly seminar series named the Christian Life Program CLP , which usually spans 13 weeks, equivalent to 13 sessions.

At the end of the CLP, couple-participants are invited to dedicate themselves to the Lord as CFC members and to commit to participating actively in the life of the community and of the Church through regular prayer meetings, attendance in community assemblies and teachings, including participation in parish life.

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Observations of oceanic transient tracers have indicated that the circulation in the Southern Ocean has changed in recent decades, potentially driven by changes in external climate forcing. The small ensemble mean change in IAGE suggests that there has been very little externally forced change in Southern Ocean circulation over this period, in contrast to strong internal variability.

Measurements and proxies of this ratio can be used to constrain vegetation models uncertainties for predicting terrestrial carbon uptake and water use. At the leaf level, rising CO2 concentrations tend to increase carbon uptake in the absence of other limitations and to reduce stomatal conductance, both effects leading to an increase in leaf WUE. At the ecosystem level, indirect effects e. Thus, the extent to which changes in leaf WUE translate to changes at the ecosystem scale remains unclear.

The differences in the magnitude of increase in leaf versus ecosystem WUE as reported by several studies are much larger than would be expected with current understanding of tree physiology and scaling, indicating unresolved issues. Moreover, current vegetation models produce inconsistent and often unrealistic magnitudes and patterns of variability in leaf and ecosystem WUE, calling for a better assessment of the underlying approaches.

Here, we review the causes of variations in observed and modelled historical trends in WUE over the continuum of scales from leaf to ecosystem, including methodological issues, with the aim of elucidating the reasons for discrepancies observed within and across spatial scales. We emphasize that even though physiological responses to changing environmental drivers should be interpreted differently depending on the observational scale, there are large uncertainties in each data set which are often underestimated.

Assumptions made by the vegetation models about the main processes influencing WUE strongly impact the modelled historical trends. Atmospheric inverse modelling has become an increasingly useful tool for evaluating emissions of greenhouse gases including methane, nitrous oxide, and synthetic gases such as hydrofluorocarbons HFCs.

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