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‘so you think you can dance’ top 20 nail first live show

Unfortunately, we actually found her to be one of the dullest guest judges the show has had to date. She is in many ways the Ryan Ramirez of this season — everyone will know her going into the live shows, but that does not mean they will vote. Lindsay Arnold — However, they both ended up staying put! There are more ballroom dancers this season than there were at this point last season, and considering that none of them lasted long last year, we could ultimately see ballroom rear its head far more often in Audrey Case — Another jazz dancer made it through!

Audrey was particularly nervous after she saw Tiffany who has a similar look make it through, but this was the same sort of situation we saw earlier with Whitney and Lindsay.

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We never sell or give out your contact information. We respect our readers’ privacy. The chemistry between the two was there. I felt that Cyrus slipped up a couple of times here and there… and consequently it felt like Eliana was covering for him here and there… but other than that I really like how this came out. As one of the judges mentioned sometimes it felt like two solos that just happen to be dancing in the same space.

I felt myself watching George far more than Tiffany so this piece did him justice.

for Audrey and Matthew (Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierczak). a large, one-sided crush on Lauren, who is now apparently dating Dominic (as of the.

The Fox summer competition popularizes dance — something the art form desperately needs — but at the same time, it reduces it to a sideshow with shallow routines that aim to make quick hits on pyrotechnics. Certainly, the diverse crowd that cheered at the Palace knows that dance, like music, is a universal language. This is my fondest hope. Better still, they look to be having great fun.

Wespi-Tschopp, along with Eliana Girard, stand out among the cast, mainly because they are ballet-trained, indisputably the best overall training for any dancer. While dancers like Lindsay Arnold and Witney Carson, both Latin ballroom dancers, struggle with fluidity in lyrical pieces, Wespi-Tschopp and Girard hold their own in every routine — hip-hop, contemporary, Latin and ballet. A joy to watch, he is a marvelous partner as he exudes confidence as he catches an airborne Carson in a sultry dance.

Also excellent is the dynamic Audrey Case. Petite and fiery, she is known for her grand battements that have knee plastered to ear while she serenely balances on the other leg. Cole Horibe is also electrifying.


By Stephanie Wolf. After a two-week hiatus, So You Think You Can Dance returns to Wednesday nights with a special evening devoted entirely to the choreographic work of three-time Emmy Award-winner Mia Michaels , showcasing her best routines from the past eight seasons. This may be the most relevant episode to date.

MN; and Matthew Kazmierczak, a year-old contemporary dancer from together, while Matthew took the stage alongside Audrey Case.

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Salt Lake City Auditions

We chatted for a while about the tour, his future plans, his challenges on the show, my life, his family, etc. He is an incredibly inspiring and beautiful dancer and it was awesome to get to know him outside of the show. Reblog – 7 years ago via lovinggdance-blog with 40 notes. Reblog – 7 years ago via travisjculver with 14 notes. Chehon and Noelle again…….

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‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Meet the Top 20!

The bar has been set sky high. The stakes were high as Lythgoe announced that not two, but four, dancers would be eliminated next week: two girls and two guys. After their powerful Christopher Scott-choreographed opening number, the pairing of the top 10 female dancers with the top 10 male dancers was revealed, and the show was underway.

Audrey Case – Another jazz dancer made it through! Matthew Kazmierczak – Matthew continues a familiar trend with the boys this season.

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Audrey Case & Matthew Kazmierczak